March 22, 2011

Get Paid To Write Online

Your ideas can be your money source if you use them on right place.You can get paid to write online?. There are sites that need wisdom and intellect that you can use to get paid to write articles for them. If writing is your passion, or you're just time rich and cash poor this can be a great way to pull in a few hundred dollars a month.
Here are a few of these is the most well known site. And it works like this, you sign up for an account, write articles and submit it to them.
They will review your article, and make you an offer between $2 and $10, usually between $2-$5. You can then choose to either accept or reject their offer. If you accept you receive the amount they offered and the article goes up on their site. If you reject they cannot publish your article and you do not receive payments.
The nice thing about this is that you also receive $1.50 for every 1,000 people who see your articles. So there is an opportunity to receive some nice passive income from them as well. is another get paid to write online site. But it works much differently, instead of selling it to the site directly; you sell it to others who would be willing to buy it. The beauty of this is that you can sell it at whatever price you want, which means more money.
Just remember that constant content does take 35% of your profits.
It is also a lot harder to get your article accepted and you can only resubmit it 2 extra times if it gets rejected. can pay $5-$20 per article. But before signing up with them you have to apply and show them some other examples of articles you have written on the web. You can only apply once, so if you do make sure you have some experience. allows authors to get paid to write online, but does it very differently than the others do. The site publishes articles and puts ads on the side. You make a percentage of the ad revenue generated from your articles.
They also offer a few bonuses. For example, if you write over 50 articles you receive a 10% increase in your income. If you get promoted to a feature author you get a 20% bonus in your income.
Income is passive after you write it, and there are stories of top writers getting paid 1000s of dollars every month from this site. is another place that will let you get paid to write articles in a similar way to Suite 101. Instead of getting paid per article you get paid a portion of their ad revenue. You may also get paid a small bonus if you write one of the first 5 articles about a given topic.
Helium also has a marketplace where writers can compete with other writers to get writing jobs online. It can be interesting if you like to compete.
These are the 5 best get paid to write online sites out there, but there are many others online to choose from.
A freelance writer should have a couple different sites that pay them money. This way they are still in business should one of those sites disappear or drop their accounts.



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