December 10, 2011

4 Aerobic Dance Steps Effective for Knee Repeaters

One of the most basic moves in step aerobics is the knee repeater, and you likely won't find a step routine that doesn't include it at least once. But if you are putting together a routine of your own and are looking to add some variety, you may be bored with this effective, but simple, move. Luckily, there are plenty of clever steps you can include that will make your routine playful and a lot of fun.


Begin the T-step by standing on top of the board. Step down, first with the right foot and then with left, so that you are straddling the step and facing to the left. Step back up to the top with your right foot and then your left. Once you are standing on top of the step, switch up your feet -- first step down with the left foot and then with the right. Note that you will still be facing toward the left even when you alternate the order in which you place your feet.
The Charleston is inspired by that famously playful old dance step from the 1920s. Begin by standing on the floor, centered behind the board. Step up onto it with your right foot. While on top, kick forward with your left leg. Step back to the floor, leading with your left foot. Next, step back down with the right foot, bringing you back to where you started. Switch legs and step up with your left foot and kick with your right.

Alternating V-Step

Stand on the ground centered behind the board. Step up with your right foot, angling it out to the far edge of the right side of the board. Follow suit with your left foot, stepping up, but onto the far left side of the board. Step back down to the ground and bring your legs back together, first with your right foot and then the left. Repeat this movement but switch your leading leg -- begin by stepping up with your left foot and then your right.


You can even take the basic floor lunge and adjust it to use with your step. Stand on the top of the board and step off backward with your right foot, tapping your toe on the floor behind the board. Simultaneously bend your left knee and shift your body weight forward for balance.
Pull your leg back up to the top of the step and switch legs. For added intensity, lift your opposing knee up high every time you step up onto the board.



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