December 09, 2011

Shooting Drills for Middle School Basketball Leagues

For many kids, middle school basketball leagues provide the first opportunity to join an organized basketball team. Coaches of middle school teams focus primarily on the basic skills needed to succeed on the basketball court. Individuals often practice layups, free throws, passing and shooting.

Free Throw Drill

There are many free throw drills teams may use to practice their free throw skills. One drill involves players lining up on the court end line while one player shoots five free throws. The entire team has to run the length of the court each time a free throw is missed. Rotate through the entire team so each player has shot five free throws by the completion of the drill.
Easy Jump Shots
Have players line up under the basket behind the inbound line. One player should be out on the basketball court. The first player in line under the basket starts with the ball. The player on the court spots up from anywhere on the floor. The individual with the ball passes it to the shooter and quickly runs out to block the shot attempt. The player catching the ball should keep his knees low and either go up for an immediate jump shot or dribble around the opponent towards the basket.

Layup Drill

Divide the team into two groups. Both groups should line up separately underneath the same basket on the baseline. The first player in each line should hold a ball. To begin the drill, the first player from one line dribbles down the court to the opposite basket and performs a layup. After the first individual completes his basket, the other line begins the same routine of dribbling down to the basket and doing a layup. The players both grab their own rebounds and dribble back to the three-point or free throw line to complete a second basket. The next person in line grabs the rebound and dribbles down for a layup and does the same routine. Keep the line staggered so two individuals are not shooting at the same basket simultaneously.

Three Man Weave

At half court, have players line up in three lines. Each line should be about 10 feet apart. The player in the center line starts with the ball. The center player throws it to the first player in the right line and then follows the pass and runs behind the player who now has the ball. The player on the right, who now has the ball, passes it to the player from the left line, who continues to run forward; the player on the right then runs behind the player currently with the ball. This motion continues down the court until within shooting range. After the passing, one player shoots the ball from anywhere on the court.



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